Modern life has changed the natural conditions of the air and often, in the environment where we breathe, we find ourselves in an unbalanced condition of electrical charges in the air where positively charged ions which generate physiological disturbances prevail. Also, the number of negatively charged atmospheric ions (which facilitate environmental wellness) is forcibly lowered by centralised heating, air conditioning, smoke and static electricity generated by electrical fields. Therefore, both in the workplace and at home, most people breathe in ion depleted air.

Falmec has developed a unique technology which, through the BIPOLAR CONTROLLED IONISATION, allows to recreate in the kitchen the air ions that not only eliminate unpleasant odours in a natural way, but also restore the optimal ionic balance, with considerable benefits to our physical and psychological well-being.

Freedom Of Installation And Energy Saving

E.ion® System cooker hoods do not need any external piping to discharge fumes and odours. Therefore they can be installed anywhere, without masonry work, with better aesthetic results and maximum flexibility of installation in the kitchen cooking area. Furthermore, no pipes going outwards means better insulation: neither the heat from the heating in winter, nor cool air from the air conditioning in summer are dispersed, avoiding energy waste and always maintaining optimal thermal comfort in the room.

The Only Hoods That Sanitise The Air

A Feel Good Atmosphere

Thanks to the bipolar controlled ionisation, E.ion® System cooker hoods release ions similar to those present in the atmosphere into your kitchen and effectively neutralise odours, irritants and pollutants such as bacteria, viruses, mites, pollens, spores, dust, noxious fumes or exhaust gases. Ions also have a positive effect on the mind and the body, resulting in improved mood and concentration.

The ions in the atmosphere are produced by natural phenomena such as lightning, waterfalls and sea waves. The E.ion® System technology applies a bipolar electric field to the air flow to achieve the same result. Bipolar controlled ionisation does not involve diffusion of ozone in the domestic environment and can be used to cleanse and sanitise the air. Unpleasant odours are reduced from 70% to 95%, as shown by the tests carried out pursuant to the UNI 13725:2004 standard at the universities of Udine and Milan. The efficiency of the E.ion® System cooker hoods is further enhanced by the Carbon.Zeo combined filter.

A Sensor To Measure Air Quality

A leaf-shaped sensor positioned in our E.ion® System cooker hoods detects the presence of volatile organic compounds (VOC), odorous gases, formaldehyde, cigarette smoke and all the contaminants that are present in the air. It is therefore a good indicator to measure the quality of indoor air. This information is conveyed by the colour of the leaf gradually changing from yellow into green while environmental conditions improve.

Automatic mode. Thanks to the automatic mode, when the sensor detects a deterioration in air quality in the room, the hood switches on by itself sanitising and purifying the air.

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