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Where can I download information about Falmec products? (Spec sheets, manuals, etc.)

All spec sheets and manuals can be found on the respective product pages. Additionally, these can also be found under the 'Downloads' drop-down menu.

What is the diameter of my rangehood air outlet?

- All rangehoods with a 660m3/h motor require a 122mm diameter pipe
- All rangehoods with a motor ranging from 600m3/h to 1300m3/h require a 150mm diameter pipe or a 220x90mm ducting
- All rangehoods with a motor exceeding 1300m3/h require a 200mm diameter pipe.

Which size rangehood should I purchase?

Rangehoods must always be wider than your cooktop:
1. by about 10% for wall and island models;
2. by 20-30% for ceiling models.

What is the optimum distance between the rangehood and the cooktop?

Wall and island rangehood's optimum distance is:
- Ranging from 65 and 75cm with gas cooktops
- 60cm with induction cooktops.

Maximum distance of ceiling hoods is 150cm.

What are the most suitable rangehoods for induction cooktops?

Ceiling, wall and island hoods with metallic filters in plain sight, larger than the cooktop and placed higher than usual (70cm from the cooktop). Especially Virgola No-Drop, Professional collection and worktop models.
It's better to avoid sloped, glass hoods with perimetral suction.

Where can I find tutorials for rangehood installation?

For a step by step installation guide, check out Falmec's Youtube channel or the 'Videos' section on the Falmec website.

Do pipes and junctions come with the rangehood?

No, you should order them separately, choosing the ones which are more suitable to your installation solution.

Is condensation greater with induction or gas cooktops?

Induction cooktops cause an increase in condensation due to the fact that they just warm the pot and not the surrounding area.

How can I avoid condensation?

- Choose the right hood (dimensions and power).
- Select the maximum suction speed.
- Turn on the hood before you start cooking and program a late turn off.
- Use the pot lid.
- Don't use an excessive induction cooktop power.