The phenomenon of condensation is extremely unpleasant during cooking activities.This happens when the hot air, coming from the stove on, collides with a cold surface, such as: tiles, hood, furniture and glass.With the contact the hot air decreases in temperature and the excess steam is transformed into water, or rather, into tiny droplets that are deposited on the cold surface of furniture and hanging deteriorate it over time.

To solve this problem Falmec conceived a sophisticated system, particularly efficient and innovative, named No-Drop™ System. Falmec No-Drop™ System has the ambitious goal of eliminating every drop of water in the kitchen.But what are the mechanisms and innovations that "hide" behind this system?

In the hood is installed a battery of polymer filters with crossed blades, specially shaped to capture the particles of condensation from cooking liquids.The trapped condensation is conveyed, thanks to the force of gravity, along an inclined channel, finally settling inside a extractable collector.

The result? A healthy, comfortable and pleasant environment that improves the quality of life in the kitchen.But how is the maintenance of the system No-Drop™? In a simple and practical way, in 3 quick steps:

1) the fluids from the collector can be emptied quickly;
2) filters are detachable and washable comfortably in the dishwasher;
3) the collector is cleaned quickly thanks to the use of a soft cloth.

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